The Ultimate Life The Ultimate Meal 14.1 oz (400 g)

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Formulated by Sam Gerard Nineteenth 19 Evolution Combines Up to 25 Products Gluten Free Kelemer Certified Kosher Complete Tastes Great Optimum Fiber Vegan & Kosher Satisfies Hunger Potent Fatty Acids Potent Anti-Oxidant Replenishes Glycogen GMO-Free Unsweetened No Soy Protein No Whey or Nuts No Yeast or Salt No Dairy or Egg No Cholesterol Intro-Size 10 Meals No gimmicks...Just the ultimate ingredients The Facts The ultimate nourishment for humans consists of all or some of the following: Raw, wild-harvested, organic, properly sprouted, fresh freeze-dried, kosher-certified, hypo-allergenic, & gluten free plant superfoods, with their enzymes & nutrients intact, plus the ultimate anti-oxidants, in quantities that guarantee results. You are holding the only product on Earth that offers all of the above. Period. No gimmicks, just the ultimate ingredients, which are essential not only for good, or even great, but optimum health. This eliminates the need to add anything to The Ultimate Meal except whole fruits & water. Bottom Line: The Ultimate Meal is the most nutritious & efficient "meal" available anywhere at any price. Period.


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